How to Revamp your Bedroom with a Fresher Look


The Bedroom is one place in the house where you can showcase your personal style. It is also the perfect place where you can unwind, rest, sleep and relax. “Why should I beautify my bedroom?” Well, it is your personal space, right? So, why not make it more comfortable and homey just the way it should be. Here are some ideas to guide you:

Play with Textures

One way to give your bedroom that extra ‘oomph’ is through textures. An example is a textured wall by means of, for instance, paneled wood accents. The textured interior gives the illusion that the room is spacious and more dimensional. Other than that, textures help to provide the room more life and decoration. It catches the eye and gives a pleasing feeling. As mentioned earlier, using wooden textures emits a welcoming and crisp ambiance.

Perfectly Imperfect

It is also a great idea to make the room appear unfinished or unorganized when it actually is not the case. An example is layering. It is a nice technique to freshen up the room. For instance, layer soft colored blankets and vibrant colored pillows to balance out space. You can also place bold wall art in contrast to a neutral bedding style. Do this technique to make the bedroom elements blend seamlessly. Even though they are different in colors and texture, they can still harmonize to make the room whole.

Keep it Natural

Of course, the best way to keep your bedroom fresh and lively is by using materials that are eco-friendly, handcrafted or natural. You can purchase woven decorations, living plants, wooden furniture and other kinds of products that resemble the feeling of nature. It is also a good idea to recycle or redecorate old house things to save money and to create a unique bedroom piece.