4 New Home Remodeling Trends in 2019

Keeping up with the trend seems to be the ‘in’ thing now. Designs and concepts on home remodeling have new emerging trends that a lot of homeowners are loving. These trends are very apparent on luxurious home designs being shared on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. If you haven’t decorated your home for quite a while and thinking of doing one, here are four ‘in’ trends in home remodeling.

#1 Install Large Windows

There’s a different feel if you are living in a well-lighted house. The filtered sunlight that touches your skin gives an unexplainable warmth that is always welcome anytime of the day. Installing large windows is perfect to let more natural light into your home. If you don’t want too much heat to come in, there are options to use advanced window systems that minimizes heat penetration.

#2 Stick to Smart Innovations

Smart technology is taking the reins in home construction. Upgrading into a smart home is a trend that is very timely especially in today’s technologically advanced times. For this, you can start by investing on smart furniture or home appliance. For instance, you can buy a refrigerator with a built-in warning system that tells you it is time to stock up on groceries. Or a coffee maker that brews automatically when you wake up such that when you get to the kitchen, a freshly brewed joe is waiting for you to sip.

All of these smart equipment and appliances will surely add value to your home.’

#3 Open Floors

This is another home trend that is gaining popularity in 2019. For this concept, the kitchen is opened to the family room without any physical division. This setup is perfect for moms who want to check in on their kids from time to time.

An open floor design will make your house appear spacious. Besides that, having an open floor concept allows you to have informal cooking, dining, and gathering experience every now and then when you feel like it. Guests have a lot more space to walk around and they can casually chat whether they or on the kitchen grabbing something to drink or sitting on the sofa lounging.

#4 Higher Ceilings

If you want to make your house look elegant, one way to do it is to have a high celing. If you cannot redo your entire ceiling, try adding some more beams to create that 3D illusion that is pleasing to the eye. In fact, even installing a simple crown molding can provide a huge impact on the appeal of your house.

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4 New Home Remodeling Trends in 2019

Keeping up with the trend seems to be the ‘in’ thing now. Designs and concepts on home remodeling have new emerging trends...

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