What is ‘Urban Greening’ Initiative and how it can Save the Planet


It may sound a simple act, but planting trees actually equates to saving the entire planet. This is because the more trees we sow, the more fresh air that we can breathe. Other benefits of planting trees include cooling the urban heat, reducing the rain or stormwater runoff (which constitutes to flooding and soil erosion), and keeping a sustainable habitat for different wildlife.

A Greener Singapore

These advantages prompt major cities of the world to switch to a more eco-friendly way of handling environmental issues and concerns.

In fact, Singapore just implemented its ‘Urban Greenery’ initiative, which aims to manage the deadly urban heat or the rapid surge of temperature in a particular area due to human activities.

So, what the people in Singapore did was that they plant more trees along with the city’s business districts, and even integrated other kinds of flora as part of their structural design. Also, Singapore beefed up its educational programs with lateral subject integration, inculcating the significance of planting trees to the students.

Singapore’s effort of drawing the metropolis back to the realm of the environment also gains popularity on the west side of the world.

Paris and London Follow Suit

And just recently, the mayor of Paris City (France) also revealed his ambition to the public of creating a 100-hectare ‘green’ area until 2020. While this plan seems to be an ambitious one, the people still showed their utmost support for making this good plan a reality.

Meanwhile, London mayor Sadiq Aman Khan informed the public regarding his intention to make his city as the very first ‘National Park City’ of the world through mass tree planting and forest and park restoration drives.

Indeed, people are aware now on the impact of planting trees to keep this world a better place to live. However, all countries must do the same thing of saving the planet, or else, we might be a bit too late.