5 SUPER Helpful Tips in Using Wallpapers


You don’t need to spend much in beefing up your living room. In fact, wallpaper is more than enough. Just paste the wallpaper, and you’ll get the best results at once.

But you cannot just install the wallpaper without planning first. Otherwise, you will end up in a complete mess. 

Here are the things that you must do:

1.Check the Space. Assess the area of your living room so that you’ll know when to cut the color scheme. Establish color continuity in the corners of your room.

2.What’s Inside. You also need to identify the existing stuff in your living room. Analyze the dominant color and make sure that the wallpaper will complement.

3.Who Will Use. To determine the right design and color of the wallpaper, make sure you consider the people staying in the house. If you have kids, avoid colors that are hard to clean. Neutral to slightly darker hues are better.

4.What to Project. Wallpaper is indeed powerful that it can make your living room the most beautiful spot of your home. But this can only happen if you plan. You must identify the mood that you want to express and stick to it until you’re finished with the installation of wallpapers.

If you are living in a cold country, you may prefer to use wallpapers with ‘warm’ colors. Examples of these are red, orange, and yellow. People living in warm places may prefer using ‘cold’ wallpapers. Choose the color, blue, green, and violet.

5.Shiny Effect. If you want your living room to sustain a vibrant aura, you can use a glossy wallpaper. This will make your living room looks brighter without constructing additional windows.

Religiously follow these suggestions to make sure that you’ll get the most out of wallpapers.